The Turnament

Is run by the boxing club Hillerød Sports Klub (HSK) and run by volunteers.

Unique Tournament
The HSK BOX CUP is the first tournament of its kind and started in 1985.
At this time there weren’t really any tournaments in Europe where
you could participate at all levels and expect to get
a “fair” fight.
However, now there are a vast number of tournaments where more have used HSK
the model.
We have even guided several clubs with large tournaments and contributed with systems for tournament management.

The core value of the HSK BOX CUP is a tournament with room for everyone, from beginners to elite.
When we match fights/bouts, we go in and look at a lot of factors.
Weight, age, number of matches, wins/losses.
That is why the matches are not made in advance, as we would like to have the books/boxer pass in hand.
In the end this may mean that there will be someone left who does not get a fight because of no match.
However, we do our very best to ensure that everyone gets a match..
see more about matching principles here

We believe that matching principles will give the greatest opportunity,
for even matches that will be educational and provide personal development, challenge and success.

HSK BOX CUP is held according to the AIBA rules and DABU.

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