Participants and matching

The turnament is open for male and female boxers.
All boxers must bring a valid start book/Boxing pass and medical card.

Group divisionThe boxes will be divided and matched in groups, based on their age, weight, number of matches, but also results.
Each group can consist of max four boxers.
Each boxer can only have one bout a day, and a maximum of 2 in total.
Groups are assigned a letter and if there are several groups in one age and weight class, letters from A etc. are used.
The letter is not a direct allusion to experience and level, but the most experienced in the group will get A, and then the next level as B etc..
If there is only one group, this will be A regardless of level.

We take great pride in
matching as fairly as possible.
No matches have been made in advance and matching starts when the last boxers are weighed in.
Matching is not done by draw! but according to experience and results.. therefore we must have the books/boxer pass in hand.
We use principles in this order and priority.
1. Fair match on weight, bouts and results.
2. Ensure bout for enrolled boxers.
3. Optimal Groups of 4 and with 2 matches per. boxer.
We do not compromise on item 1 to obtain item 2 or 3.
The puzzle has to fit, but not if it goes beyond the principles.
It also means that we cannot guarantee fight for everyone, but we do our very best.

Basically, the boxers are matched by age divission by birth year.
If it is not possible to find a match, we have the opportunity to match across age groups.
But certainly not if there is no match acording to our principles
These bouts are boxed according to the youngest’s terms (round times, etc.)
We are aware that the youngest boxer is not inferior in both age and weight/bouts, for example opponent must have fewer bouts or lower weight.

As with age, we always try our best to match within the official weight classes.
If this is impossible, we can match across weight classes. However with a maximum of the difference/span in the weightclass, that corresponds to the weight class for the lightest of the 2 boxers.
As with age, we are aware that greater weight, is a little advantage, and we take this into account.

Matching can go across weight classes and age classes!
Is in accordance with DABU’s regulations.

Other rules

Mouthguard is mandatory. Must NOT be red, or PARTIALLY red.
Cup is mandatory for men - optional for women.
It is NOT allowed to wear piercings, hair clips, etc. during fights. Violations result in disc.
Handcuffs are mandatory and must not be longer than 4.5 m. And not shorter than 2.5 m. They MUST be 5.7 cm.
wide (made of elastic material). Rules for bandages and tape: See AIBA-AOB Competition rules (46.2.2. Page 78).
There is a mandatory medical check-up before each match at ringside. At this check, the boxer must meet clean-shaven. NO beard is allowed.
THE DOCTOR decides whether a boxer should be scanned for KO. Incidentally, the doctor can ALWAYS require a boxer to be scanned, even if
this has NOT lost on KO-H.


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