Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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Questions and answers: Enrolment and registration

Where can I see if my boxer is registered

Entries are handled in our event system, which has its own page:
This page has its own help and support and here you can see how to see who is registered.

Where can I see participant lists?

You can not.
HSK has chosen not to publish participant lists for several reasons.
The data we receive is no better than the data teams have entered.
These lists are based on the data teams have provided, but there may be errors and we will only know that after the weigh-in on Friday, when we have the final data and those we match against.
The tournament is run by volunteers and we answer as much as possible.. we have a lot of emails and messages, so we do our best.
Publishing these participant lists generates so much extra work for us.
We have been doing this for over 30 years, so we have a lot of experience with this and the HSK BOX CUP is about trust in us as organizers

Is my boxer Getting a fight/bout

Fights/bouts are not matched in advance. (read more about matching here)
Entries run up to the registration deadline and new ones keep ticking in until the deadline.
The data we receive is no better than the data teams have entered.
Final data that is matched by is that collected during weighing.
There may be errors in age, gender, weight and number of matches in the entered data.
In addition, a boxer may be canceled for various reasons.
And because of all this and because of the matching principle which we believe is the core of HSK BOX CUP
We can’t always guarantee a match, but we do our very best (e.g. in 2022 we had 389 boxers of which 9 didn’t get in the match).
For particularly strong boxers or for those who are in marginal classes in terms of weight/age, registrations can give an indication of whether a match is possible.
But it will remain an indication.
It has therefore also been pointed out in several places, that teams must be thorough with and check their entered data on the boxers.

Questions and answers: Settlement 

My boxer is not on the program

If your boxer cannot be found in the fight program it is because of the following.
– There was no match.
Boxers who have not bout will appear on the website, if your boxer is not on the list, there is basically a fight.

-Boxes are placed in a group or bout where the coaches must be asked before the match can be made.
The coaches will be contacted based on the contact information given in the team profile.
We can also ask for contact on the website and Facebook.

-The program is not complete for the day.
Follow info on the website and Facebook
All matches on Saturday are not on the program from the start and Sunday’s program comes late on Saturday ,and is only complete when the last preliminary matches have been boxed.

– Boxers are directly in the finals and will only box on Sunday.

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