Event terms

Due to the situation with covid-19, terms and guidelines can be updated regularly.
It is the Club / team’s own responsibility to stay updated on this page.
Guidelines during the tournament must be followed at all times.
Covid-19 initiatives:
-Club / team must bring their own AIBA approved gloves
Elite & U19 male bokser up to 71 kg. 10 oz.
Elite & U19 male bokser from 71 kg. 12 oz.
All female, U17 & U15 boksers 10 oz.
(Adidas – TopTen – Green Hill – TaiShan –Wessing – Sting og Velo)

All boxers must bring valid boxing and medical pass.

Enrolment/Registration :
There are matched 15-20 bouths after the last registration, based on registered boxers.
The club/team responsible will then be contacted for acceptance of the match.
There is therefore no match guarantee for registered boxers, which is why registration must be considered as boxers are ready and can be matched for the event.

If, after registration, errors are discovered or changes occur in the submitted data, these must be corrected.
After the registration deadline, the club / team must contact HSK BC.

Entry fee :
Free of charge

Not offered.

Accommodation in Frederiksborg Center :
Not offered.

Terms of trade:
If HSK BOX CUP event not can be settled and the event – for whatever reason – can not be completed.
HSK assumes no responsibility for pre-incurred expenses for hotels, meals, transport, etc. . ” offered by other parties or arranged by the team itself.

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