Registrations/enrolment are closed as we have reached the maximum number of boxers.
Registration closed early when we hit 400 boxers.
We are now also closing the waiting list, as we have so many boxers that it is not realistic to continue putting teams on the waiting list.
We are sorry to have to disappoint several teams, but it is not possible to bring more if we are to run the tournament responsibly.

Enrolments are submitted on HSK’s Event module.


Deadline for last enrolment!

Note! The system requires 2 steps for registration.
-Create team with members (boxers, managers and judges)
-After this, a registration can be created (where options such as accommodation are selected)
The system is made for manage several events and therefore the team is created with members, who can then be selected for these when registering.

Please be careful to provide correct data.
Remember to update boxers if you already have a profile on HSK-Event.
Although matches are not made in advance, we often have requests for possible matches.
It is unfortunate to travel far, with a view to a bout and then there is none, because someone has given wrong information.

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